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A pair of silver and red baby shoes

How to write a six-word story

I’m fascinated by six-word stories. Telling an entire tale in so few words… it’s magical what we can do with language. They’re fun to write and satisfying to read. So I decided to explore these mini marvels in more detail, and see if I could pick up some tips along the way.

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A dove flying against a backdrop of the sun and a light blue sky

Writing prompt: ‘The Core’ by Ben Okri

When I first came across Ben Okri’s poem ‘The Core’, its words lifted me. They lit a spark inside me! I wanted to know more – to explore them through my own writing. So, using the poem as my writing prompt, I tried out three different approaches: stream of consciousness, the writing frame and the sentence stem. Here’s what happened…

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An iPhone home screen

5 fun (and free) creative writing apps

Whether you want to fill a spare moment with a bit of creative fun, or need inspiration for a writing project, here are five creative writing apps that could help.

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Notepad, pen and a cup of coffee

How to find writing ideas during an ordinary day

The world is a curious and wonderful place. It can be so easy to forget this during the bustle of daily life. I was reminded recently that there’s writing inspiration in even the most mundane situations, if only we could pause and pay attention. And so I set myself a challenge: find five juicy writing ideas in one ordinary day.

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A collection of colourful pebbles

Writing prompts: 3 ways to use objects as inspiration

As writing prompts, objects can be great sources of inspiration. They can be everyday and extraordinary all at the same time. We just need a willingness to explore. Here are three writing activities I particularly enjoy that use objects at their core.

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Scrabble tiles spilling from a bag

How to write a Scrabble poem

Digging through a cupboard the other day I came across an old Scrabble set. It made me smile to see it – the set had belonged to my Grandma. She was a resilient, loving and creative soul. Holding her game in my hand gave me an idea…

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Calm water and a stack of smooth stones

Writing my way towards mindfulness

There must have been a time when I knew how to ‘just be’. A time when I could live in the moment without worrying or overanalysing. Nowadays, though, my brain is full of chatter. When the noise gets too much, it’s time to take action.

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Cards from the nursery rhyme game

Nursery rhyme game

Is it possible to write poetry with a toddler? I love the idea that people can play with language at any age. In fact, my little girl is doing it every day as she experiments with sounds and new words. But writing poetry? Well, it’s worth a try!

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