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Autumn leaves

3 ways to use nature as writing inspiration

Today, I feel a familiar fizz of excitement. Nature is reinventing itself. As summer eases into autumn, I notice subtle changes in colour and shape. I breathe in that wonderfully crisp air. And I can’t wait for the crunch of golden leaves under my feet. To celebrate, I’ve been exploring nature-inspired writing prompts. Each offers a different twist on using the natural world for creative writing.

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Alphabet wooden building blocks

Alphabet writing prompts: As easy as ABC…

I like finding things around the house to use as writing inspiration. At the weekend, I was drawn to a beautiful set of alphabet building blocks in my daughter’s toy box. They went on to inspire the 3 alphabet writing prompts in this blog post. Enjoy!

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Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

A time travel writing experiment

Browsing through Twitter recently, this headline caught my eye: ‘6 Ways to Manipulate Time in Fiction’. There’s something really appealing about defying the laws of time. And it got me thinking about how the same story can offer a whole new experience when you play around with the timings. Here’s what happened to Little Red Riding Hood when we tried a time travel experiment together…

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Journal and pen

How to start a memoir: warm up ideas and activities

Want to write a memoir? Where should you start? Perhaps you’d like to play around with ideas and see where they take you. If so, here are a selection of memoir writing activities to help get the creative juices flowing.

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Alarm clock in a field with flowers

3 quick creative writing activities

When you’re short on time, it’s handy to have some quick creative writing activities you can turn to at a moment’s notice. Here are three that I’m enjoying right now. They’re fun, straightforward and versatile.

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Magical library open to the sky

10 interesting images for creative writing

They say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. But which words, exactly? For me, that’s where the fun begins. In this post, I’ve gathered together ten interesting images to use as starting points for creative writing. Free the words within the pictures and see what happens.

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Books stacked up

What’s the secret to successful spine poetry?

Spine poetry is a delightfully simple concept. Take a selection of books, arrange them in a stack so the titles flow when read one after the other, and there you have a poem! But is it really that straightforward? Occasionally I’ll glance at a pile of books and wonder what sort of poem they would produce. Often the answer is: ‘a very strange one’. So, what’s the secret to successful spine poetry?

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Cropped puzzle painting: green, blue and pink swirls on pink paper

How to make a four-piece poetry puzzle

My girl came home from nursery this week with a puzzle she had painted. As I matched up the colourful swirls, I thought the whole thing was such a lovely idea that I felt inspired to make my own – except mine would use words. It would be a poetry puzzle.

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wooden heart decorations with daisies

Writing prompt: ‘The Way It Is’ by William Stafford

This New Year’s Eve gave me a memory that I’ll treasure – a lovely moment with my daughter. At the same time, I rediscovered ‘The Way It Is’ by William Stafford. A poem about life and its journey, Stafford’s words caused me to ask: ‘what thread will lead me through this coming year?’ Taking his poem as my writing prompt, I began to explore.

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Christmas lights and tree

A poem for Christmas – and a festive quiz

Christmas songs are all around and those catchy tunes keep getting stuck in my head. So I thought I’d have a little fun and create a poem out of my favourite lyrics. Read on for the result – and see if you can guess the songs.

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