3 ways to use nature as writing inspiration

Today, I feel a familiar fizz of excitement. Nature is reinventing itself. As summer eases into autumn, I notice subtle changes in colour and shape. I breathe in that wonderfully crisp air. And I can’t wait for the crunch of golden leaves under my feet. To celebrate, I’ve been exploring nature-inspired writing prompts. Each offers a different twist on using the natural world for creative writing.

Favourite Outdoor Activity

Being active outdoors can be so nourishing, for both body and mind. This writing exercise from Writers Relief is a chance to honour the great outdoors and explore how it makes you feel. There are lots of directions to go in with this writing prompt. You may wish to celebrate, or you might want to challenge. Also, try the twist at the end and see where it takes you!

Give this ‘favourite outdoor activity’ writing exercise a go.

Forest for the Trees

In this writing exercise from Nature Writing’s Ron Harton, you’ll be guided through the process of finding new perspectives. Look at the detail and then see the bigger picture as you follow Ron’s instructions. Then, take your observations and use them as the starting point for an essay or poem – you might like to try expanding your thoughts as a pantoum, or distilling them into a haiku.

Try this ‘forest for the trees’ writing prompt for yourself.

Loved One in the Landscape

Making connections between different aspects of your life can offer plenty of material for writing. This intriguing activity, featured in Mother Earth Living, is by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. It invites you to merge the outside world with your thoughts and feelings about a loved one. Follow Rosemerry’s instructions and create your own poem.

BONUS: There’s a second writing activity at the end of this article (if you don’t see it at first, just click ‘continue’). ‘When I Sit Very Still’ encourages you to use your senses to explore and describe the natural world. It also offers a pattern for you to follow as you create a poem.

Have a go at both of these nature writing exercises and see what happens.

Do the changing seasons inspire you? What’s your favourite nature writing exercise? Let me know in the comments below! Then check out some of the other writing ideas featured on this blog.

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