Capturing a Moment

There are plenty of moments in my life that I want to remember and protect – particularly those with my daughter. So, I allow myself time to preserve some of the most precious ones through my creative writing. 

Here’s what you do:

  1. Choose a moment from your life that you want to preserve
  2. ‘Free flow’ your thoughts and ideas
  3. Choose a writing form
  4. Write!

Choose a moment from your life that you want to preserve

This activity may well start with you going about your daily life as usual. Then something beautiful, unusual or interesting might happen. You want to remember it and preserve the feeling it gave you. It’s those moments that are wonderful inspiration for writing. 

If you’re aware at the time that a particular moment could be fuel for your writing, savour it; drink it all in with its sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures and emotions. Then make a mental note to write about it. Or even better, jot down some thoughts on a notepad or your smartphone so you don’t forget. When you next get a chance to write, you’ll have this life gem to inspire you.

Of course, in most cases you will be too busy enjoying the moment to consider writing about it. Something lovely will happen and you’ll be caught up in it. Think back to the moments you have had like that recently, or throughout your life, and choose one that feels right to write about here and now.

The experience you choose doesn’t have to be anything big or significant. It can be just a flash of a moment that you’d like to capture and write about. Below is an example. My daughter was four months old and I was relishing the chance to enjoy an activity I love – a long and leisurely bubble bath. So I wrote an acrostic about it.

‘Free flow’ your thoughts and ideas

Once you have chosen your moment, note down any words, phrases, thoughts or feelings that come to mind. Use your senses to explore the moment. What sights, smells, sounds, tastes and textures does it conjure up? Think about the aspects of that moment that are particularly important to you. Is anyone else with you? What is happening around you? Make some notes in preparation for your final piece of creative writing.

Choose a writing form

Now, it’s time to decide what form your creative piece will take. Will it be a poem, a short story, a letter…? If you’re not sure, take a look at this list of writing forms for inspiration.


At this point, you may wish to get creating straightaway. Or, why not take a look at these writing tips and reminders for an extra helping hand?

Happy writing!

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